Friday, May 1, 2009

Need a kleenex mommy?

So after being on a phone call for a few minutes I walked in to see this~

That is Kleenex's, a brand new box I should add. How they got a hold of it I'm still trying to figure out because it was way out of their reach and on the opposite side of the gate. You guess it, somebody had to crawl over the gate on top of the counter top grabbed it, go back over the gate and show his brothers. Which proceeded to shred into a million pieces everywhere.
I walked in and was literally in shock. But as some of my fellow mommy's has pointed out thankfully it swept up good. I gotta look at the bright side, it wasn't stainable, sticky and it didn't ruin anything.
One word of advice, always think positive when you outnumbered. And not be afraid of the how's and what's to come. LOL :D


Rachael said...

haha! we have definitely experienced the shredded kleenex phenomenon here as well!

Momma-of-5 said...

Way to go - you were smiling enough to go get the camera! =) Just think of how much fun they had.

Tina said...

I Love this post. I think they used thei tiplet telekinesis with my bunch on this one. LOVE it minus the clean up for Mommy grrrrrr!

I am glad you grabbed the camera first realizing this was blogworthy....tee hee so we all could enjoy this mommment.