Thursday, April 30, 2009

We met our goal!!!

I still have a few days left before the walk but so far we have raised $702.42! Our goal was $500.00. I'm so pleased with how well everything has turned out this year, everyone was so generous with helping me out when it came to putting the raffle baskets and bake sale together. Thank you to all who donated as well, this is going to a cause that means a lot to our family.
This Sunday is the walk, it will be held at Bloomington South H.S. Registration starts at noon with the walk starting at 1:00. The winner of the raffle baskets will be drawn at the walk. I will post the winner on the boy's blog Monday morning. Tickets are still available so if anyone is interested in buying any just send me a email and I'll get in contact with you asap.
Thank you again to everyone!


Kris said...

Congratulations! We had our walk last weekend and had a blast. Hope your day goes well.

Rachael said...

congratulations on reaching + surpassing your goal. great job!

Jessica said...

Great Job Mag...I know you have been working really hard on this! I've tried calling a few times. Call me sometime this week when you are free!

Tina said...

YOU ROCK but then again Girlfriend don't you always do for heaveans sake you are a biker chick you could get into younleathers get on your bike and scae it out of people.

I'm just kidding, you know I adore you :) WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!