Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer in full swing

I gotta say it feels so good to wake up to warm mornings and the sun shining. Heading out with the boys and not having to pile on clothes and bulky jackets. LOL
We've been doing great. Spending lots of time outside. Almost everyday by 10am I start hearing "go out! go out!".
Days are still chaos and while somedays I think I'm loosing my mind the boys are getting so much more fun. Watching them grow and start doing things that they couldn't do last year puts a smile on my face.
They eat all.the.time!!! Seems like if I'm not fixing a meal I'm grabbing a snack. LOL They're obsessed with "choo choos" & ice cream or as they call it "eye keem".
They discovered the word MINE! and have regular wrestling matches too. haha
Here's a few recent pictures~

Every once in awhile I come across something so cool I have to share. Something that if it makes my days easier I'm in love and have to share it with the rest of the mommy's out there. LOL

These little contraptions are one of the best inventions ever!
And while we still use sippies most of the time we try to give the boys cups with straws as often as we can. Juice boxes are so convenient but I got so sick of the messes. These limit them and the boys love them because they think they're "big boy cups". :)
Here's the site they came from~

So that's about it in our neck of the woods. We hope you all are doing wonderful too.
Til next time, Triple the LOVE!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good Reads

Nothings worse than buying a book to only discover by Chapter 2 you hate it. LOL So since I haven't discussed what I've read lately and some of them have been really enjoyable books I thought I'd share. So here's a few of my recent favorites.

First off those of you who know me know I love fantasy fiction. Monsters and other crazy adventures is my preference in reading material. So I'll start off with those.
Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater Pictures, Images and Photos
Every year during the winter months Sam turns into a wolf. Then one day he meets Grace. Find out what happpens to their romance in this awesome book.
Part 2 "Linger" is set to be released July 20th.

The Dark Divine
The Dark Divine Pictures, Images and Photos
Character Grace, a local pastors daughter, knows something awful happened between her brother and his friend one night a few years back. Her brother's friend has returned and now she has to decide who to choose, her brother or her growing attraction to his friend Daniel.

Beautiful Creatures
Beautiful Creatures Pictures, Images and Photos
This story takes place in the small southern town of Gatlin. See what happens when new girl Lena arrives and moves in with her uncle, the towns one person who no one ever sees and who all is terrified of.

And my new absolute favorite, Hush Hush.
Hush, Hush Pictures, Images and Photos
A wonderful story about a sacred oath, a fallen angel, and forbidden love.
I started this book and couldn't put it down. I cannot go on enough about how much I love this book. I finished it in less than 24hrs and I'm anxiously waiting on part 2, Crescendo which is set to be released November 16th.

So for those of you who don't enjoy books like that here's a couple I think you'd like.
The Lucky One
the lucky one book Pictures, Images and Photos
When US Marine Logan finds a picture of a young girl along the beach during his tour of duty in Irag he brings it back to the base for someone to claim. When no one does for reasons he doesn't even know, he puts it in his pocket and keeps it. Soon a sudden streak of luck follows Logan everywhere he goes.
Once back home in Colorado he's determined to know the face in the picture.

Perfect Chemistry
A boy from the wrong side of the tracks takes on a bet to win over the popular girl in school. What starts off as hatred towards one another turns into something much more.
Maybe I'm just a sucker for bad boy/good girl love stories but I really enjoyed this book. Part 2, Rules of Attraction is set to be released April 13th.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yep that's right, I jinxed myself! After I went on and on about how healthy the boys have been what happens? I got a sick red head and the other two coughing! Hopefully it's nothing big and something they can all get over fast. I fixed chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese for lunch today and gave them all some motrin. Hopefully some good naps will help too.
Just goes to show never brag or it'll back fire on you everytime! LOL

Monday, March 8, 2010

Jibber Jabber

Well the boys have really took off with speaking. It seems like everday a new word is coming out of their mouths. LOL The basics are becoming more popular now, were as before we would hear them in spurts. Tattle telling has became a huge hit too (oh boy!). Seems like someone is always saying "momma ookey wha he do!" or when I ask who did it "I donno know". And yes I know it's only going to get worse. LOL Brody's got the animal noises down pat. That kid knows so many animal noises it'll be hilarious this summer at the zoo. He does a pretty killer kitty noise too. ;) Logan's became big on monsters and loves to scare and be scared. He cracks me up and never ceases to make anyone around him laugh.
Seth is such a homebody. That boy loves home, and is just content with being here. While the other two like to go go go. He'd rather be curled up in the recliner with Dino or downstairs playing. Definitly a hermit (his new nickname Daddy gave him LOL) which I can be most of the time however I'm so ready for Spring, and parks and trips to the zoo. :)
It's started to warm up a little bit which I hope isn't a tease. Seems like it never fails that around this time of year it starts to warm up only for it to drop to freezing again.
The boys have hit 2 big growth spurts since Christmas leaving me to have to go through the closet yet again clearing out clothes that are too small for them. I look at them and cannot believe how fast they've grown and how big they've gotten. While I'm so thankful (and knock on wood) we've had no trips to the Dr this winter I'm curious to see how much the boys have grown since their birthday. Logan's still the tallest by a close 2 inches. And while Brody and Seth are the same height, our little stockey bruiser Bear still weighs the most. He's already wearing some 3T pants!
Til next time, triple the love to you! :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wolf Girl Creations

I guess it's time to mention my new adventure, jewelry making. What started off as just something small for my friends has turned out to be a little website and side hobby for me. Last month I created Wolf Girl Creations. Hand made jewelry made by me and inspired by the ever so popular Twilight Saga. While right now the store is only "twilight" related items I will eventually have other stuff available. It's really taken off and I couldn't be more surprised by it or more thankful for the orders and sweet comments.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


For those of you wondering, WE'RE ALIVE!!! LOL :)
I know I know I've been terrible at updating the boy's blog but in all honestly I haven't really had anything to post. Since ole man winter came knocking we've been trying to stay put as much as possible. So our planned trips to the Museum or Wonder Lab has been put on hold until all these flu bugs are gone. Seems like so many kiddos have been sick recently and it's not worth it to take the chance so besides a few quick errands to Target or Sams we've pretty much stayed cozied up at home.
As far as the boys go their doing great and (knock on wood) are healthy and happy.
Seth's still spunky as ever and still loves wrestling and pestering. He's taken a liking to cooking and helps me almost everyday with either lunch or dinner.
Logan's doing good too. And has really gotten into puzzles. He loves working on them and could sit at the table and just do one after another.
And of course Brody's still loveable as ever. Giving kisses to everyone who let's him. We recently discovered he LOVES salads which has made me exstatic! :D
Their favorite movie is still Cars and I ended up having to buy another one because they wore the first one out! I didn't even know that could happen to a DVD but that gives you an idea of how much it's played. LOL
Since they love movies so much they went for their first time at a theater to see the new Chipmunks movie. I'll admit it, I was nervous. But they did really good and had a blast.
We finally got the basement finished and now they have it to run around in which helps so much in not having tons of toys under my feet on the main level.
They love it, we love it and with it being winter they can still burn enough energy off and not feel so cooped up.
Here's a few pictures...

And here's a few recent pictures of the boys playing around...

Til next time... ;)

Monday, December 28, 2009

A VERY Merry Christmas!

I know I'm a few days behind but time has flown by! We had a wonderful Christmas. And the boys made out like bandits needless to say. We heard lots of "wows" & "whoas". Sweet music to this mommy's ears.
So the HUGE hit was a Step 2 Kitchen from my parents. The boys have played with it non-stop and absolutely love it!
Let's see, for Brody his favorite toy from Santa was a Mickey Mouse doll that sings the Hot Dog song. He'll start dancing and singing right along with him.
Seth got a Spike Jr which he's crazy about. And Logan was exstatic about his Mac truck he got.
So here's a few pictures and we hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas too!

It's a mad dash to the presents!

Logan still trying to wake up, poor guy. :)

Santa came! Or as Logan says "HO HO" :)

Pap, Memaw & Mamaw Barrow stopped by later in the day...

Happy Holidays everyone!