Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It's been snowing here quit a bit. Just for fun me and Brody got Adam's truck out yesterday and ran a few errands. Last night another front hit us and as of 6 o'clock this morning we had 9 inches. It's 9:00 now and there's no sign of it stopping anytime soon. For those of you who isn't familiar with where we live it's in a little housing addition with 6 houses. Each house sits on around 3 acres. We're not considered a public drive so when it snows it's up to us to shovel it. Adam got out this morning on the tractor and took care of it hopefully making it easier for our neighbors to leave.
The boys love the snow, and stare out the back windows in awe. It is pretty but not my preferred weather. LOL My kind of weather is either spring or fall. Not to hot and not too cold. ;) So it looks like we're stuck here because there's no way the van can get out in this right now. If I do venture out anytime soon I'll be stealing Adam's truck. The boys love "dadda's" truck but there's only room for one car seat so we rotate turns.
For those of you who got hit like us stay warm and be safe!

Looking out the back deck~

Looking out the front door and Adam on the tractor~


Tina said...

Wegot a HORRIBLE STORM stae of emergency power outages freezing rain the whole chebang YUCK! schoole has been out all week. I have been babysitting the neighborhood alll week for free i might add. Lorg give me patience please!

Check out my pics. The snow is very pretty.

Jessica said...

I want to play in the snow! I had fun out with you the other night, we have to do that more often. I will practice my parallel parking!

Anonymous said...

Your right! I am GLAD I moved to Florida! That is a TON of snow! It's pretty though! to look at in a picture, far from it! lol! ~val

The Lloyd Family said...

I love how beautiful the snow is, but hate how cold it is!! I'll just stay here in Alabama and view it from afar!