Thursday, February 5, 2009

Still hibernating....

I know I haven't posted in a week but when your cooped up basically 24/7 there's not a whole lot to say. :) A lot of the snow has melted but the boys continue to remain home because it's cold, really cold. This morning when I got up it was -5. Brrrrr!
And with colds and bugs going around all the time it gives me another reason to stay indoors. Here's just a few random pictures, we hope everyone is doing great.

I love this picture, he looks so cozy! Seth's been sleeping a lot lately and has definitely hit a growth spurt. I'm looking forward to next months 18month well baby check to see how much weight he has gained.

This is what our house looks like every morning from 7-7:30. All 3 of them in front of the tv watching Sid the Science Kid. They love Sid and rarely miss his show.



Catching some zzzzz's


Milk, it does the body good.
I figured up just out of curiosity how many gallons we went through a week and came up with almost 5. (And that's not counting me and Adam's milk!) So I think we're going to invest in some chickens, a banana tree and a couple of cows to save a little moo-lah. :D

Poor Seth this is the face mommas had to look at for the past 2 days. He's been cranky and clingy. I'm almost positive he's cutting more teeth.

Check out those baby blues. Watch out ladies. ;)


Anonymous said...

You sure have a beautiful family. All your boys are so cute, though I'm partial to red heads. Your picture of them in front of the tv is so perfect. I really enjoy your blog you do such a nice job.
Have a great day :)

Rachael said...

hahaha, i think we need to invest in some chickens, a banana tree and a cow as well!

what darling pictures! i cannot believe your boys fall asleep all over the place, mine HAVE to be in bed or the car.

Natalie Siscoe said...

Hey MJ! The boys have changed so much since Christmas. Their hair cute are very handsome too!

Nat said...

WELL, I meant their hair cuts are really handsome but I can't spell or place my words correctly today! LOL

Kris said...

I totally understand the hibernating - we are also in freezing cold weather. I have not taken them anywhere this week! I love all the pics - they are way cute!

The Lloyd Family said...

Aw. They are getting SO big!!!

Hope it warms up there soon!