Monday, November 17, 2008

Got Questions?

A couple of my favorite ladies (Jenny & Rachael) have done this in the past and I thought it was very neat so I've decided to do it.
So here's your chance to ask me any questions you might have for us. I'll do my best to answer them.

As for us we're doing great, I'm going to start on our Christmas decorations this week and Seth's doing better walking, he's came a long way and I'll be sure to get video of the wild child on here. We hope everyone had a great weekend and I will post the answers tomorrow.
Til next time!


Jen said...

I have some! Any Holiday traditions you are going to do with the boys (I am looking for some ideas!)? Do you plan on having more children and if so, when? :-)

rachael said...

i am going to stick with the holiday theme...what is your favorite holiday?

Tina said...

Sure I have questions:

Any plans for more children?

What is Santa getting the Boys for Christmas?

How much alone time do you hvae per day. This is time where you are off duty and can do what ever you want. Grocery shopping does not count as alone time.

What was the first thought that came into your mind when the Dr said "Triplets"

OK so I'm kinda nosey.

The Lloyd Family said...

Ok. No questions come to mind, but I just wanted to say i LOVE that picture on your header and the new look you've given the blog. I seriously have to change my 'temporary' style up soon. I'm so tired of looking at it!

Oh, here's a question... I feed my boys with one spoon and one bowl and one time, if all paci's fall out and we're having an emergency, and I get them mixed up, it's okay... I guess I'm pretty laid back when it comes to them sharing germs. I mean, they suck eachothers thumbs and feet and whatever else they can get to... So, I've made my confessions - How do you handle them sharing germs? Are you fighting against it the whole time or have you, like me, given in?