Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Q&A Update...

Jen asked:
Any Holiday traditions you are going to do with the boys (I am looking for some ideas!)? Do you plan on having more children and if so, when? :-)

The boys are still pretty young but we decided that Christmas mornings will be spent opening presents and me making a huge breakfast. It's one thing I'll always remember when I was younger. I want to make something special and know when the boys get older they can look forward to this every year and I have already been digging in my cook books to come up with something I don't usually make on our average mornings. :)
We do want more, but me and Adam agree we should wait until the boys are a little older. I'm leaning towards 3. I like being able to get out on my own and we have our hands plenty full at the time. I think for us personally it would be the perfect time to wait until the boys are a little older and more independent. Of course we'd love to have a girl and adoption has even crossed our minds in the future. But we both agreed that if we ever do decide to adopt it would for one, be a girl and two she would be at least 2 yrs old.

Rachael asked:
i am going to stick with the holiday theme...what is your favorite holiday?

My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving. I enjoy the family time and food and yet it's doesn't get masked by presents and chaos that can come with Christmas. I LOVE to cook, and it gives me the chance to do it and take the food somewhere else so it's not sitting around here for us to eat. haha I do know though that now the boys are here I'm going to enjoy Christmas so much more. The looks on there faces, believing in Santa and memories will be so enjoyable.

Tina asked:
Any plans for more children?

Yes, like I told Jen I would like to have another one when the boys get a little older and depending on the future I would also like to look into adoption. I would want the boys old enough to understand our reasoning's behind it and no not to get a girl in the family. :) We always thought it would be so great to give some child a new start at life. But who knows what the future holds. I use to think all anyone had to do is plan their life. Yeah right, lol. I heard something a few years ago and it has stuck since simply because I can relate to it so well. "You want to hear God laugh? Tell him your plans." :)

What is Santa getting the Boys for Christmas?

Well we decided that since their still pretty young and while we can get away with it we're going to get a couple of big things instead of a bunch of little toys to open, besides they don't know the difference at this age. ;) The boys will be opening presents at 4 other Christmas's and will be getting lots of goodies I'm sure and have plenty of chances to open presents. So instead we've decided to buy a Step 2 Playhouse and Craftsman tool bench from my cousin and we're going to purchase a Step 2 picnic table. We'll also get each boy one gift to open Christmas morning but the other toys will be their main gifts.

How much alone time do you have per day. This is time where you are off duty and can do what ever you want. Grocery shopping does not count as alone time.

Well my first thought was 10, that's when the boys take their 2hr nap. But then I thought that time mainly consist of cleaning, laundry and getting stuff done that's hard to do when their up. So I don't know if that counts for alone time. LOL
I would say 8 at night, after they go to bed. That's me and Adam's time to wind down, talk and just watch tv. I honestly don't get any "alone" time. haha Every now and then Adam will watch the boys and I'll take off and go to Barnes and Noble or just take a drive but I haven't done that in a few weeks. It's just hard to get away, there's always stuff that needs to be done around here. I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about. ;)

What was the first thought that came into your mind when the Dr said "Triplets"
Confused and Shocked to say the least.

We found out Valentines Day we were pregnant and 2 wks later was our first ultrasound, that's when they saw 3. We had been trying for 3 years on our own to get pregnant and ended up seeing a Dr. who first diagnosed me with Endometriosis then gave me a low dose of hormones to take. When he said he saw 3 heartbeats I was at a lost for words and couldn't believe it. Adam just started laughing (I'll never forget it), he had seen the monitor and the 3 sacks before I did, he knew right away. The Dr. just kept apologizing and was shocked that it had happened too. You see I only took a low dose of hormones, that's it. Plus I had over half of my medicine left that I never got to take when we found out the test was positive. The Dr. finally came to the conclusion that a combination of twins running in the family and the hormones were a result of the boys. My mom has twins on her side, my grandma (dad's mom) is a twin and Adam's cousin has twin girls one month younger than the boys. From day one they always said Brody and Logan was going to be identical. Anyone who looks at them now knows their the farthest thing from it, which means the Dr. said that they spilt pretty much immediately and in the end was fraternal.
I guess in the end my body just needed a little boost. ;)

Jessica asked:
Oh, here's a question... I feed my boys with one spoon and one bowl and one time, if all paci's fall out and we're having an emergency, and I get them mixed up, it's okay... I guess I'm pretty laid back when it comes to them sharing germs. I mean, they suck eachothers thumbs and feet and whatever else they can get to... So, I've made my confessions - How do you handle them sharing germs? Are you fighting against it the whole time or have you, like me, given in?

In the beginning I was very cautious. The boys were 2 months premature, Seth was on Oxygen therapy and they came home just at the start of RSV season. So I didn't let them share and I washed my hands like crazy and took stock in Lysol. LOL
But now their older and while I still wash my hands a lot and still buy my Lysol at Sam's Club I'm not nearly as strict about it. When you get to a point of them self-feeding themselves I have no idea how one would keep 3 sippies straight. haha
Besides for some reason Brody feels the need to take a drink from every cup. Maybe he thinks one of the others has chocolate milk in it. ;)

BTW~ I make all my headers using Scrapblog.com, Rachael introduced it to me.

Well I had fun answer some questions. Tonight we're going to the Candlelight Ceremony for March for Babies. I hope it's a good turn out and I'll be sure to take some pictures. And I know every one's been wanting to see Seth walk so I'll try and get that on here as well.
Til next time!


rachael said...

what a great q&a! hope your evening went well, can't wait to see the pictures!

Megan said...

I too used to be strict on the sanitizing and washing hands. Not so much anymore. I would get paci's mixed up so much, I gave up!