Friday, November 14, 2008

What's my daily savior?

So many people have ask me this. What helps you get through your day?
A Nanny? Umm No
A Maid? Yeah right. Sure would be nice though. (Isn't Christmas coming up? ;) )
Actually it's the boys playroom. I'm so thankful to have a area they can go in and be safe. No chairs or tables to climb. Less things for them to get hurt on. And no TV. You see I use to be able to turn it off but since then they've learned where the power and volume button is it doesn't work too well anymore. I got them their very own super cool Cookie Monster Remote thinking they'd leave it alone and they want nothing to do with it. They know it's fake and they always want the real thing. The playroom allows me to actually get some stuff done through the day. We're if their in the living room and I leave for a minute this is what happens...

Was I shocked, nope. It's been going on for a few weeks now with no end in sight and a gut feeling it's only going to get worse. LOL

What else have I learned being a parent?
If your not in the room and you hear....
Chit chat everythings good and everyone is happy. At least at the moment.
A small cry means someone probably pulled someone's hair or a toy got stolen. Still nothing to hit panic mode over. :)
A loud cry means pain and I think somebody feels pain in this house everyday. Since the boys are walking (and did I mention wrestling? LOL ) it seems like somebody always has a bump or bruise and I see a little blood at least once a week.
And if it's dead silent and peaceful don't enjoy the moment too much because 99% of the time somethings about to seriously go wrong. Or if your too late it already has. ;)

By the way Brody's new trick is answering the phone. Yep you heard it right. I was in the kitchen the boys were playing in the living room and Adam was in the office. I heard the phone ring once and that was it. I thought Adam got it, while he thought I answered it. Turns out Brody did and for a little over a minute had been "talking" to Memaw.
Now why couldn't he have answered it when a telemarketer had called? hehe ;)


Jen said...

I LOVE your blog! It gives me insight to what my near near future is going to look like! That is too funny that Brody answered the phone. I would let him do it all the time! You know he would enjoy the telemarketer's little rant about whatever it is they are trying to sell and it would totally annoy the telemarketer!

rachael said...

hahaha! this is a freaking great post maggie. i love it! you are so right about the noises when you are out of the room. as long as i hear something (unless of course it is that loud, high-pitched i know something is wrong cry) i keep going about my business, but the second i hear silence i go running!

Catherine said...

My niece (now 11) was four or five when I got a phone call at 2 am one morning. She had learned that if she got a hold of her mom's cell phone and pressed and held the 2, it would dial my cell phone number in Missouri. So one night when she got out of bed and was wandering through the house, my cell phone rang. The conversation went something like this.

Me: Liz? What's wrong?
Niece: Aunt Cathy??
me: Lynn What's wrong?
Niece: I woke up Cathy
me: Where is mommy
Niece: Sleeping with Daddy
Me: So nothing is wrong
Niece: No I just talk to you
Me: Oh thank god. Lynn you shouldnt call people in the middle of the night.
Niece: But Aunt Cathy I miss you, Can you come see me.
Me: Lynn, I am seven states away, How about I come at Christmas and bring you presents.
Niece: Ok and we go see Santa
ME: Yes Lynn...But you have to promise not to use the phone without permission
Niece: Well I guess, will you buy me my own phone (see even at 5 she wanted her own cell phone!!)

Needless to say my sister started taking the phone to her bedroom with her LOL.