Friday, August 29, 2008

Seth Franklin

Seth Franklin our little miracle man was born at 5:51pm weighing 2.9lbs. Seth, meaning third son of Adam took his middle name after Adam's grandpa Paul Franklin Harden. Seth is such a tough and brave little guy enduring two surgeries and being admitted to 3 different hospitals before finally coming home. He had a few set backs in the beginning but looking at him today you'd never know. His growth and weight gain has been amazing allowing him to almost catch up to his brothers. One thing everyone always notices about Seth when they first see him is that bright red hair. Which to me and Adam fit perfectly with his spunky attitude. Seth was the first one to speak saying dada and he hasn't slowed down since and continues to jabber away. When Seth first came home he was on Oxygen and me and Adam felt better about him sleeping in between us, that way we could keep a close eye on him. Once he was taken off of the Oxygen we tried to put him in his own bassinet where his brothers had been sleeping. Seth didn't want any part of it and would lay in our bed and sleep for as long as we'd let him. He's still that way, unlike the other boys he still loves his nap times and his bed. But when he wakes up look out because he's fully refreshed and ready to go 90mph again. It brings such a smile to my face that lately people have been getting Seth and Logan mixed up, where as use to he was always the little man. It really makes me realize how far he's come and how fast he has grown. Seth has endured a lot and overcame amazing obstacles, he truly is our miracle man.

"We love you red, you have touched me and daddy's heart in ways you'll never understand. Happy 1st big guy!"


the schirano triplets said...

oh maggie, these posts were just so touching and beautiful! i loved hearing about their individual personalities and stories! this little guy is going to blow you guys away!

Tina said...

These post were simply beautiful, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all. What a priviledge it was for us. I know you haven't posted about their B-Day but I wanted to wish your three little men HAPPY BIRTHDAY!