Friday, June 27, 2008

Sippies and steps oh my!

We haven't really got out much this week, except the highlight of Sam's club this morning. Which can be a highlight to any mom who doesn't get out much. ;0) But we have been working with the boys on the sippy cups and Seth and Logan is really starting to catch on. Brody on the other hand likes to relax and not have to worry about holding his own cup, lol. He'll either keep his hands down by his side or (even funnier) back behind his head. Absolutly no desire to learn how. But he did impress us by taking 5 steps behind his ride on toy! The only thing that caused him to fall was the car got too far ahead of him and he couldn't keep up. They've been walking around cabinets and chairs but actually pushing a toy and taking steps was a first. Very exciting! Tomorrow me and Adam is going to have a well deserved mommy and daddy date. Something I'm really looking foward to. I'm really wanting to see the new movie Wanted so that may be something we check out. Well we hope everyone has a beautiful weekend, til next time....Take Care!

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