Monday, June 23, 2008

No rain this weekend! Yippee!

This weekend turned out to be very pretty, and to our shock we had no rain! We've had so many storms lately it was nice to have some steady sunshine. Saturday night me and Adam took the boys to the Taste of Bloomington. We only stayed a couple of hours, but it was fun and mommy got her Gyro she had been craving. Yum! Then Sunday mommy was given a few hours to have to herself, so what does a MOM (mom of multiples) do in her free time? Run errands of course, lol. It was nice to jump in and out of the car so fast without unloading a huge stroller, 3 kids and 2 diaper bags. It gave me some free time and allowed me to get some things done. We hope everyone had a great weekend. Here are some recent pictures of the boys. Enjoy!

" Can we go outside and play?"
Seth & Logan

Pap & Seth mowing

Pap & Seth
Pap & Brody


Tina said...

There is nothing better then a day of sunshine to renew the spirit. The pic of the boys taking a catnap is just priceless.

katidids said...

I think this is a grandpa tradition! my hubby loves to take our grandsons on the mower or tractor. Has since they could hhold the head up....Enjoy these days