Monday, June 30, 2008

Lazy Days...

This weekend turned out to be really great. Saturday Mamaw and Papaw Harden came out to visit, which was nice. That night me and Adam went out while Memaw and Pap watched the boys. We ate at Trojan Horse (one of momma's favorites!), went and saw Joe (P-Nut) at the hospital, ran some errands then went bowling. We were going to go see a movie but had just missed one showing and the next wasn't until 9:50. I thought that would be too late for us getting home. Joe's still in stable condition and his family and friends will be hosting 3 benefits for him. When they have the official dates I'll post them on here. Bowling was a blast! We hadn't done that since I was pregnant with the boys and let's just say luck was on my side. I'm usually a awful bowler but I kept getting strikes and spares, needless to say I won. What makes it even funnier is Adam is a sore loser so I may have exaggerated my win a little bit. Ummm, okay a lot. Haha Sunday morning we were going to work around the house but it had rained and everything was mud. So instead we stayed in and took it easy. Adam made chocolate chip pancakes and we built a "fort" in the living room for the boys. They loved it. Me and Seth ended up taking a hour nap in it. It doesn't get any better than chocolate chip pancakes and forts! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Til next time...

Momma & Seth
Playing under the fort
They kept crawling in and out like it was a tunnel

Logan and Seth teasing Diesel
Memaw holding Brody
Yes he's asleep. (He just crawled up there on his own and took a nap, he even looks comfy!)
Daddy & Logan

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