Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer in full swing

I gotta say it feels so good to wake up to warm mornings and the sun shining. Heading out with the boys and not having to pile on clothes and bulky jackets. LOL
We've been doing great. Spending lots of time outside. Almost everyday by 10am I start hearing "go out! go out!".
Days are still chaos and while somedays I think I'm loosing my mind the boys are getting so much more fun. Watching them grow and start doing things that they couldn't do last year puts a smile on my face.
They eat all.the.time!!! Seems like if I'm not fixing a meal I'm grabbing a snack. LOL They're obsessed with "choo choos" & ice cream or as they call it "eye keem".
They discovered the word MINE! and have regular wrestling matches too. haha
Here's a few recent pictures~

Every once in awhile I come across something so cool I have to share. Something that if it makes my days easier I'm in love and have to share it with the rest of the mommy's out there. LOL

These little contraptions are one of the best inventions ever!
And while we still use sippies most of the time we try to give the boys cups with straws as often as we can. Juice boxes are so convenient but I got so sick of the messes. These limit them and the boys love them because they think they're "big boy cups". :)
Here's the site they came from~

So that's about it in our neck of the woods. We hope you all are doing wonderful too.
Til next time, Triple the LOVE!!!


Jill said...

Your boys are looking so grown up! Great pictures!

Maggie said...

Thank you! I know I can't believe how big their getting. :)