Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mommy's day...

It's been a few days since I've had the chance to get on here. With the busy holidays things have been pretty crazy around here. Even though we had a great Christmas and I do enjoy the time of year it'll be nice to slow things down and get back to normal.
Earlier this week Adam gave me a mommy day.
First I went to Hobby Lobby and looked at beads and charms. I love that store, they have some of the neatest stuff. My aunt Beth makes jewelery and does a amazing job. She's going to be making me a couple of bracelets which I'm excited about. Then I went to Spaah and got a massage. Although I had a little trouble relaxing in the beginning (LOL) it was awesome! Then I went to the theater and saw Twilight. Yes again. ;)
I had a blast and enjoyed it so much.
We didn't do anything for New Years Eve, just stayed home. I was intent on seeing the ball drop but fell asleep. Adam woke me up though just in time to see it although I was back asleep in no time at all. It's hard to believe when I sit and think about it how just a few years ago me and Adam could stay up forever and it not even faze us. We'd take off on the bikes as late as 10:00 and meet up with friends and not think twice about pulling into the driveway at 2am. My how things change. LOL
The boys are doing great. Seth's cutting teeth pretty bad and hasn't felt like eating much for the past couple of days. But he's tough guy and as long as he's got Dino he's okay. :) Brody's cutting some teeth too but not as bad as Seth so his is more tolerble. I think right now Seth has 3 coming in at once. Poor little guy. Logan's doing great too, acting like a silly clown as usual. This kid cracks me and Adam up. He's the happiest, silliest acting boy I've ever seen. The other day at my parents he was eating apples and I asked him if he wanted more and he said "apple". We all looked at each other in shock and just started laughing.
Well we hope everyone had a great New Year's. Wonder what 09 has instore for us? ;)


Tina said...

Kids sure do change your priorities. I'm happy your New Year was relaxing, in my opinion that is the way to go.

Happy New Year

rachael said...

sounds like a fabulous (and i am sure, much needed) day! i need one of those:) james is cutting 3 teeth at once too, and the little guy is miserable!