Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What's new?

Every now and then I try to do a little update of how the boys are doing. First off the colds are better, still lingering but better so mommy is VERY happy about that. With Logan his new thing is playing a ghost. He loves putting blankets over himself and walking around making funny noises. It's so cute and I've learned that crochet blankets definitely work the best. He took off running last week and couldn't even see where he was going! I caught him though before the table did thankfully. LOL He loves watching the Crocodile Hunter now and his new favorite toy is rubber snakes. So Adams been calling him the snake charmer. Seth's feeling tons better and back to his silly self making faces and running around. Yep running around, they are getting so fast! He loves to wrestle and will try to with the other boys. Dino's still his only love and that dinosaur rarely isn't by his side. He's really grown too. Besides height differences he has really caught up to Logan. Brody doing great too, still loveable bear. He'll run up to you and give you a huge hug and kiss. And although the other boys jabber plenty, Brody's been doing awesome with talking. His favorites are Hidy, kinda like a hi and howdy mix. LOL And dank du, (thank you). He says dank du whenever he gets a cookie or toy. I'm just hoping the manners stick! ;) Plus this past weekend (thanks to Mamaw Harden) he now blows kisses! It's so stinking cute. And then there's Diesel dog, they pester and play with that dog til I think sometimes he's ready for their bed time. Diesel has been so good with the boys and they've all gotten really close. They just run and play tug of war with him and I'm so glad he's done so great with the boys. He'll just be sitting there and one of them will walk up and throw their arms around him and give him a hug.
We've have also hit the snack all the time stage. I swear they are always hungry! Whether it's a cookie, banana, cheese or strawberry milk they love to eat. ;) They still love Sid the Science Kid, Mickey, and Handy Manny. And they love to be chased whether by me, Adam or even Diesel. I was thinking about Christmas yesterday and how fun it's going to be this year. I'm so excited to see their faces Christmas morning.
It has gotten easier. Their all walking (and running), feeding themselves and although they've still got us going in circles I feel like we've crossed a huge hurdle.
These boys are truly a blast!


Megan said...

Glad to hear the colds are better! I am looking forward to crossing the same hurdle of them feeding themselves! But for now, I will enjoy this time! Enjoy your Christmas, I am sure it will be exciting!

The Lloyd Family said...

I'm glad they are getting better! Christmas will be SO fun! And yes, thanks for reminding me it does get easier! = )