Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Table, steps, voting and a side of yummy!

This is what the past 24 hrs of our house has involved. Yesterday as I was fixing dinner the boys were playing in the living room, as I turned around I looked up and saw Seth on top of the kitchen table trying to open a box of cookies! I about had a heart attack and yelped SETH! Which he in turned decided to get up on his knees and proceed to jump up and down and start laughing. I was in shock, I had literally turned my back for a second. So after I got him down he crawled over to one of the chairs, climb up then onto the table again. Oh Boy!
Then later that night as I was cleaning Brody up from dinner he smacked his lips and looked up at me and said "Yummy!". It was the cutest thing. Their really picking up on what me and Adam say and have started to mock us a little.
After dinner we were playing in the living room when Seth stood up (with the help of the couch) and ventured out on his own for the first time! Yep, he walked, Go SETH. It's wobbly and includes lots of crashes but he can take a good 5 to 6 steps. I'll be sure to get a video on here later this week.
Earlier this morning I took off while Adam watched the boys and went to vote. I guess third times a charm because that's what it took. Me and Adam went Sunday to vote early and the line was 3 blocks long. There was no way we could wait in a line like that with the boys. So I tried again yesterday. I got there just before the doors opened and although the line was shorter than Sunday it was still over 2 blocks long. I tried to be patient and wait but moved less than 6 feet in over 30 minutes! Adam had to get to work so I left. Today fingers crossed I went and thankfully walked right in and voted! Yay :)
Don't forget to do your part today and get out there and VOTE!


rachael said...

i cannot believe he was on the table - it would have scared me to death!

yay for walking!

i voted too, not much of a wait here either :)

Triplethefunplus2 said...

Fun times when they turn in to monkeys and climb on EVERYTHING!! I remember the days...

I can't believe the wait you had to deal with! We got lucky and no line, so it's done! YAY!!

Kris said...

wow you are busy! That would have scared me too. and Go Seth Go! I was vey lucky - very small town - so no wait to vote!

ohno4kids said...

Yay, Go Seth...you know it's on now =)!!!