Monday, November 3, 2008

Daylight savings!

UGH! Need I say more. Ok I understand the reasoning's behind it but to a mom who from day one has been on a strict schedule it turns your world into the twilight zone. Last year wasn't a biggie, the boys were too young to even notice. This time, they noticed. LOL I knew it was changing this past weekend but forgot to change the clocks and when I woke up to the boys the clock said 6:15. Average wake up time I thought....nope. Once I was finally alert I realized it was 5:15! GREAT, oh well just deal with the rest of the day and put them to bed at 8. They get to stay up a extra hour and by the next day their adjusted. I should've known it wasn't going to go that easy. By 6:30 they were getting pretty sleepy, by 7 cranky, 15 minutes later the world came crashing down and we had to put them to bed. I had hoped they'd sleep in but that didn't happen either. So for some reason for the past 2 nights Seth's decided to have parties in his crib from 2-4. Sometimes he plays with Dino, sometimes he babbles, but sometimes (last night for instance) he screams at the top of his lungs and shakes his crib rails back and forth. So I guess Seth thinks if he doesn't want to sleep, nobody else gets to. He woke the entire house up last night, it sounded like mayhem from 3 to a little after 4. Then as if nothing happened they woke up at 5:30 ready for the new day. So wish us luck, tonight I'm going to give it another shot and hopefully they'll stay up longer.

~By the way don't forget to VOTE tomorrow!


Megan said...

Good Luck! I had no problem, but that is probably because they are too young to tell like you said!

The Becklets said...

Ugh! I feel for you. We have been up really early the last 2 days too. I hope tonight goes better for you.

Kris said...

I hope that today goes better for you. We added time all last week to make up for the change.