Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daddy's on Vacation!

So for the next two weeks Adam's on vacation and it's so nice to have him home with us through the day. We're not leaving or going away, instead he's using his vacation time to get work done around our house. In case any of you who didn't know we just built and moved in Febuary. Between the boys and his job it's been hard to get everything finished although I know now as a home owner I don't think the "list of to do's" ever end. There's just a few main things we'd like to get finished especially before winter comes.

We decided that we wanted to take the boys to the zoo during his time off so more than likely we'll do that next week. I know their still pretty young but I'm excited to take them and I think we'll have a great time. Well we hope everyone's week is going great, til next time!


the schirano triplets said...

oh how fun, enjoy the time together!

Tina said...

You are sooooo right, the "to do list" is never done.

That will be nice to have "Daddy" home for 2 weeks. You are not going to know what to do with yourself LOL.

I'm sure the boys will get a kick out of the Zoo.

Kara said...

I would seriously recommend a Zoo membership! We got ours a year and a half ago and we love it. Hannah and Noah really got excited this summer when we went and Carter just loves it! We usually go once a month. I am sure your boys will love it! Have a great two weeks!