Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sleepy mommy...

I think the boys have spoiled mommy a bit. I'm use to early mornings but I'm also use to in bed no later than 9:30 and sleeping thru the night. So when this doesn't happen or someone decides to wake up at 5:00 I'm tired. To think a few months back I was running on 3-4 hours of sleep, lol. If I got a full 4 hours I felt like I could run a marathon! I was having trouble sleeping at nights and a friend with multiples suggested a herb called Melintonin. Sorry if mis-spelled, but the stuff is amazing! It takes around 30 min. to work but it has helped me so much. I think I was just going 90mph all day that when it comes to bedtime it's hard for me to just go to sleep, plus I had trouble sleeping while I was pregnant with the boys. For almost a year my sleep schedule has been so messed up that now I'm trying to get back on one. So if anyone is having trouble sleeping try it. I have some new pics to post but my computer has had a attitude all day, I'll get them on here soon. Well gotta go, Brody's waking up from his nap and it's snack time. Bye!

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