Sunday, October 11, 2009

Welcome to the 2's

The boys and us have been doing great, no sick lings (knock on wood) and everything around here has been going pretty smooth. We have been running into a few temper tantrums and they've learned to test us as in how far they can go which has just been a added bonus. As everyone has told me already, "welcome to the terrible 2's". Greeeaaat! :) What one don't think of the 2nd will as the 3rd encourages them on. LOL
So now we can get into the fridge, open the microwave (which now is broke thank you), turn on the dishwasher even if there's no dirty dishes and routinely get up on the counter top without a boost. However they've turned into helpers as well. They LOVE to watch me cook, help me sort laundry and start new loads, and even pick up their toys when asked to help. Their eating like crazy! It seems like their always hungry or thirsty. Now breakfast has been bumped up from 9-9:30 to can't hardly wait til 8. Throw in a mid-morning snack too before lunch and dinner can't come soon enough some nights. LOL
They've really gotten into Legos, wrestling (mom has to ref some days), Scooby Doo, and drawing. So since it's officially Fall, my favorite time of year, I'm going to be working on re-doing their blog and decorating it. So you'll be seeing some changes with it over the next couple of days. My main goal is to get a group picture of them in their costumes which those with kids know how difficult that can be. LOL

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Jessica said...

Where are the pictures??? Can't wait for the costume pics!