Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Children's Museum!

Yesterday the boys had their first trip to the Children's Museum and they loved every bit of it. Even me and Adam really enjoyed it all. I noticed in a few weeks their Winter Wonderland will be going on so we'll definitly be taking a trip back up there for that.
It was so cute to see how each of them had their own thing they enjoyed the best.
For Seth it was the HUGE Dinosaur models when we first walked in. As soon as he saw them he started screaming and clapping his hands and holding up "Dino". The Dinosaur exhibit was very cool too but I think Red was a little confused by the the skeleton models of his beloved Dinosaurs. :D
Then there was the drawing table. I know what your thinking drawing, coloring we can do that at home no big deal. I agree however I couldn't pull the boy away from it. He spent tons of time just sitting there and drawing, he loved that little area. lol

I just LOVE this picture.

For Brody his favorite part was this train that moved by using your hands. He loved it and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Then they had a Bobcat sitting off to the side. As soon as he saw it his eyes got great big as he says in that sweet whisper "whoa". lol It didn't surprise me at all to see him go crazy over these things. He loves figuring out how things work and playing with his tools and fixing his "cars" and LOVES dadda's tac-tor.

My new favorite picture of Brody :)

And last but certainly not least we have Logan. :) This boy never fails to crack me up and be entertaining. He LOVES cars Monster trucks and choo choo's so again I wasn't surprise to see his face light up at the train exhibit. He also got a huge kick out of the Indy 500 car and probably would have sit in it all day had we let him. lol

We also took a carasol ride...

And of course HAD to take a snack break and refuel with some chocolate milk.

For mommy I think my personal favorite was the Star Wars exhibit!

Here are some other random shots...

The boys were wipped out by the time we left and got home however refused to go to bed until the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown special on tv was over. lol

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