Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Boys will be boys...

Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted, my computer decided it had a mind of it's own and wasn't downloading any of my pictures. Things have been crazy as ever around here. Boys are good and getting big. So big in fact that I ordered big boy beds for them. I'm nervous and anxiously waiting on their arrival. lol I decided it was time. Brody and Logan can climb out if they really want to and next month they'll be 2 so their plenty old enough for it. Earlier this week I took out of their room the glider, bookshelf and changing table. Then moved their dresser into the closet. I wanted it stripped down to nothing but beds, hoping it'll help. And I ordered new border and later this week I plan on painting to brighten everything up. When everything gets finished and their beds here I'll be sure to post pictures.
Here's a few pics of them splashing around.

We had a wonderful 4th. Friday we met Papaw and Mamaw in Ellettsville to watch the fireworks which turns out the boys loved. Brody sat with headphones on and just stared and pointed, Seth giggled. The only problem was Logan. He wasn't scared no, he kept trying to run towards them! No fear I tell you, lol. He was so mad he had to stay with us and not take off after them.

Then Saturday morning me, Adam and the boys drove Pap's holler in the parade. They did okay at first but got bored towards the end. It was fun though. Sadly I forgot my camera. I know I know, I ALWAYS have my camera with me but the battery ran down Friday night and I forgot it on the charger Saturday morning. :( So the only picture I have from the parade is of Logan a local newpaper took. I love it though, such a good picture.

Later that day we ate at Paps and Memaw's with Mamaw Barrow. Got our bellies full and went home so the boys could take a good nap. They were so tired from two very busy days. Unfortunatly it poured most the day and night so we didn't get to see more fireworks. I was pretty bummed because the boys had loved them so much the night before. So since it was a nasty rainy night Pap and Memaw watched the boys so me and Adam could get away for a bit. We went and ate and he took me to see the new Transformer's movie I'd been wanting to see so bad. It was awesome!
Sunday we were lazy all day and loved it. We laid around watched movies and snacked, it was so nice to do absoulutly nothing.
We hope everyone else had a wonderful 4th.

Oh and I cannot forget this picture! As I ran into town to get takeout Adam left the room for a minute to come back to this~

What was he planning on doing next? I don't even want to know! BUT I think there's a very good chance he's got the idea from Travis Pastrana. Maybe we've been watching too much Nitro Circus. LOL


The Lloyd Family said...

That last pic is hilarious and scary at the same time. Boys will be boys!

Jessica said...

Hey! They are getting so big! What are you doing Sunday? I might be in BTOWN and thought we could have a play date. I could come down early!