Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Look at what WE can do!

I figured I take time to update on the boys and tell of the adventures we've been through in the past few weeks. :) It's funny, before I decided to write this I remember a time when my updates consisted of "Seth said dada", "Logan loves riding his 4 wheeler" or "Brody's walking now". Well things have definitely changed and while my little boys will always be my babies it's safe to say we've hit toddler mode. The boys have gotten so active and it's so exciting to see them go to a playground and actually be able to climb stairs and walls to go down slides. Walking has turned into running full blast no matter where their going. And meals have gotten bigger and snacks have become more frequent. lol
So let's see, what have the boys been up to?
Well as many of you know from a previous post they've mastered crawling onto kitchen counters and you've already seen pictures of Brody in the kitchen sink. Well a couple of weeks ago I walk in to find him in the sink, water full blast and my hose pulled completely out waving it around like he was putting out a fire. While his brothers cheered him on below and played around like they were at water park!
Then one day Adam came home and told me he noticed their playroom window was slightly cracked open. Yep, open. They had crawled on top of their toy box, UNLOCKED the window and proceeded to try to raise it! (don't panic, it's ground level and taking care of now)
And lastly, I've always had trouble keeping clothes on Brody. He hates them and as soon as I put them on, he's stripping them off........including diaper too! One morning last week I walk in to find his diaper off. No biggie I thought, but as I turn around I see that all 3 of them found the "surprise" in his diaper and decided to use it to finger paint on my carpet and recliner. Thankfully Adam hadn't left for work yet or I probably would've crawled into the fetal position and cried. So we take them into the bathroom and have to literally hose them down before giving them a bath. So by 9:30 that morning the boys had had a bath and our family room carpet had been freshly shampooed. Now duct tape goes on WITH diapers. :)
All these things are happening so fast it's ridiculous. I go fold a load of laundry and come back to find Brody on top the island. Or I go to get dressed and find Logan scaling my hutch. Things have definitely changed around here and although some days I find huge surprises I can say without hesitating it's only gets better and better. The boys are really starting to talk and them being more mobile makes it so much fun to play with them and take them for walks or to the park.
Raising multiples is definitely a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs. But it's a ride I don't ever want to get off of. :)


mpannek said...

I think I would have DIED to find them playing in the 'surprise'. We haven't experienced that yet... let's hope we don't!!! My boys are making me a nervous wreck with all the climbing! I don't want them to grow up too fast, and I am loving this age for all the rother reasons.... I just can't wait until they are more 'steady' so I don't have to worry about knocking each other off the furniture! I would love to have a trio free of bruised heads for just one day!

Kris said...

Sounds a lot like the craziness that is going on here! (except for the 'surprise') LOL

Tina said...

The craziest rollercoaster ride anyone could ever imagine! Arms up here comes another hill wheeeeeeeeeee...........

Allison said...

Aww, that's a good post! I don't want to get off this ride either. :)