Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring is on her way!

It's been awhile since I've posted, last week was pretty rough. Brody and Logan is cutting teeth again and we had days of non-stop crying and long nights of no sleep. But around late Thursday and Friday they began to get better so things around here are pretty much back to normal. So I don't have any new pictures or really anything new going on with the boys to tell, but later this week I'll be sure to post some pictures. Today we're going to try water coloring for the first time. I got the idea off of another triplet mom Mandie. They love their crayons so I really think their going to enjoy doing this.
Well it's finally March and that means Spring is only a few weeks away! YAY! No more stuck inside like hermits. haha Here we come parks, zoo, museum....I can't wait. Even though it continues to be a lot of work getting out with the boys it has gotten easier. Plus I'm anxious to get stuff around the house finished. We have bookshelves going into the study which I'm ecstatic about. Which means my huge boxes of books downstairs finally will be able to get unpacked and I'll finally get to decorate my study. And me and Adam have been talking about fencing in a section of the backyard for the boys too. Building the house was tons of work, especially with Adam contracting and doing a lot of it himself, but it has paid off big time in the end.
We hope everyone is doing well, Happy March everyone! :)


Kris said...

Hey, I have been busy with our move and finally able to get back to blogging! Not so sure spring is ready around here - we got over 10 inches of snow last night - yikes!

Josie's Mom said...

I can't wait until spring either!

Tina said...

Yay Spring. I want to see pics of the house...yes I am nosey I bet it's beautiful!

great job!