Thursday, February 12, 2009

Confessions of a multiple momma

I thought this would be a fun little twist to learn more about us. I'm always getting questions either out in public or through emails. And I love the emails so keep them coming :)
So here it is, my top 10 confessions...

1. I live in pj's, yes I shower so don't panic! ;)
But 75% of the time were home and I'm constantly chasing the monkeys around, cleaning and getting either strawberry milk, food or snot on me so I figure why bother.

2. Never did I ever think I would love sloppy kisses, but they are the best!
(from the boys that is, hehe)

3. Me and Adam lived on take-out and cereal the first year of the boys life and still probably eat way too much cereal.

4. Yes they do sleep through the night but it still feels like 6am comes way to soon.

5. No I don't watch Jon and Kate plus 8. I'll keep it short and somewhat sweet. LOL
I don't like the way she treats Jon and her extended family. And trust me she has help, lots of it. It's just conveintaly never in the camera's view.

6. Yes I like dressing the boys alike, I'm sure the day will come when they say "NO!" but until then I'm going to get away with it because it's so cute!

7. I (and I know Adam would agree) would love a day of no Disney channel. How bad is it? Me and Adam can sing to you word for word the Mickey Mouse "hot dog" song, Suite Life song and yes even Hannah Montana!
"you get the beeesssst of both worlds, oh sorry about that" ;)

8. I'm jealous of group photos. My fellow multi-mommys will agree it is our one goal, (that is rarely achieved) to get a GOOD group picture. It's come to one thing, if all three is in the shot then it's good regardless if their backs to you, eyes closed whatever it's good!

9. Some nights bedtime doesn't come fast enough, other times it comes too fast. One of my favorite times of the day is at night snuggled up on the couch with them watching a movie or tv. Maybe it's the sleepiness kicking in but it's the one time they slow down enough to let mommy cuddle.

10. After bathtime I look like I had just spent the day at the waterpark.


Stephanie said...

Haha! I know what you mean about the group photo. I posted the best one I could get on my blog a while back. Here's the link!
Hahahahahahahahaha! That photo always makes me smile and only another multiple mama would "get it".

Tina said...

Great post I think I could have written it word for word!

Tanna's Triplets said...


Allison said...

Love the #10!

The Lloyd Family said...

(As I sit here in my red polka dot pajama bottoms and Wade's oversized t-shirt reading this)

I absolutely LOVED it and I can relate to EVERY SINGLE ONE!

Rachael said...

that is a great list, i can identify with all of them!

Josie's Mom said...

I thought I wanted twins and now after having one, I don't see how you did it! You are an awesome Mommy!