Friday, November 21, 2008

Jack's Toy Drive

Every year around this time it gets crazy in the stores with people shopping and trying despertly to find the perfect gift. But not everyone gets to be home for the holidays. Every year there's numerous kids too sick to be able to spend their holidays at home and that plus this amazing family is why I wanted to tell you about Little Jack. Jack and his sister's were born just 11 days after our boys on October 11, 2007. Sadly though Jack never made it home with his sisters and passed away January 2, 2008. A toy drive is being done in Jack's honor to help out all the kids in New Jersey Childrens Hospital that won't be able to be home for the holidays.

Please take time to check out the wish list below and consider donating:

Click HERE if you would like to visit baby Jack's website and learn more about him as well as donations.
Or you can click HERE to visit his amazing family.
Thank You


Kara said...

I actually came across that blog earlier this summer. I can't help but check back to see how they are doing and each time I am moved to tears. What an amazing family! I am definitely going to be contributing to the toy drive. That little boy sure is special!

rachael said...

i already bought and sent a toy in baby jack's memory but i never thought to post a link, i will have to do that this weekend!