Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekly Recap

Well our weekend went good, chilly but good. You can definitely tell winter's on it's way. Sunday morning Adam wanted to go out to breakfast. It was cold and time for mommy to break out some of the boys winter clothes they hadn't even wore yet. But it was yummy and mommy even liked the little break of not cooking. The boys gobbled up their banana waffles, then me and Adam decided that as many frozen waffles we're going through it's time to invest in a waffle maker. Yep, I think from now on our Bisquick will be purchased at Sam's. LOL
The boys are doing great and sleeping a lot better. We've still had a couple rough nights but nothing like last week. Yesterday Logan took a bad tumble. He was walking into the kitchen when he tripped on his pj's and went face forward into one of the 4 wheelers. A little blood, lots of tears, some ibuprofen and a day later he's good as new. Minus the scratch under his nose.
They have a new obsession, Sid the Science Kid! From 7-7:30 every morning it's all about Sid and those 3 little faces are glued to the tv. I'm wanting to get them a Sid toy for Christmas but have a feeling finding one may be hard to do. He's a new cartoon and I don't think the Sid fever has quite spread yet. If anyone comes across anything of Sid please send me a email and let me know. I've looked everywhere and I can't find anything.

Logan's walking everywhere now. Yay! He was really wobbly early last week and still crawling at times but now he's all over the place. Seth took a couple of steps this weekend so it's only a matter of time before Red takes off too.
As far as a toofer update. Logan's got two more that's poked through. Brody's two uppers are finally starting to show and Seth still has his 2 little cute Rabbit teeth on the bottom. The teeth have really bothered the boys lately, Brody's gum was even bleeding today and his appetite has really slacked off. So our savors have been orajel and ice cold wash cloths to chew on.
Yesterday the Schwann man stopped by and as he was leaving Brody yelled "Bye!". It was the cutest thing. And a couple of days ago as I asked Seth to stop doing something he piped back "No!" and then started to laugh (oh boy here it starts). So I guess you could say our words have improved, lol. We're anxious for everyone to see the boys costumes this year. I'll be sure to post pictures this weekend. To make it easier on the boys we're going to stop by a few places Wednesday and a few Thursday. I wanted to stay home Friday night in hopes of catching some trick or treaters. Hint to anyone local ;)
And lastly I've decided to change the boys border in their room. I want to brighten it up a little. I'm looking into borders and small murals but still undecided on which one to go with. Adam wants to do it in motorcycles, surprise surprise! LOL I've found a few ideas I really like so I thought about starting a poll for everyone to vote. Or I'm up for any ideas too. I'm just ready for the neutral look to be livened up. The boys room was adorable in the beginning but then as they got older things had to be taken off of their crib little by little to were now it's looking pretty plain.
In case you didn't get a chance to see it before, here's their room the night we got it done:

Well we hope everyone's week is going good.
Only 3 days til Halloween!

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rachael said...

i love going out for breakfast, what a fun weekend! i can't wait to see what you do with the boys room!