Friday, October 3, 2008

"Are they alike?"....

This is probably the second most popular question I get, first being the "how do you do it?". I think one of me and Adam's favorite answers to the how do you do it question is "do we have a choice?". LOL It usually gets done, kinda of messy sometimes but I didn't expect life with multiples to be any less. Yes we planned on starting a family and yes we were thrilled to find out we were pregnant on Valentine's Day but did we expect to see 3 babies two weeks later at the first ultrasound? Absouluty not! You definitely don't plan three at once and when it's thrown your way it can definitely send you mind racing, but we knew (once it sunk in) that we would be okay and do just fine. Besides some of the greatest things in life are surprised miracles. Some days are "normal", at least to our perspective but other days we're counting down the minutes to bedtime and wondering how we do it sometimes ourselves. Yes it's busy and yes we're usually exhausted by the end of the day but we wouldn't change it for the world and are so thankful and blessed.

We don't usually get the "are they identical?" question, but I think that has something to do with them all having different color hair. LOL So instead I always hear "do they have the same personality?". They don't, they are their own little person and me and Adam love seeing how different they really are and how they act in situations. I always say the only thing they share is the same birthday and their momma's blue eyes.

Laid back, mellow and a huge flirt. Loves tools his trucks and Handy Manny.

Not afraid of anything and the clown of the group. Loves the water, fish and watching Tigger and Pooh.

The wild child and the one that keeps us on our toes. Loves his Dino, dinosaurs and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

We had a blast at the zoo, I have tons of pictures so after I go through all of them I will post our little trip on here.
~Have a great weekend!~


Tina said...

Cute pics. The one of Logan cracked me up. It's like he is saying "peace out"

Megan said...

Aww, how cute! He looks so much older than a year!