Monday, September 15, 2008

Moto GP

Yesterday me and Adam went up to Indy to watch the Moto GP race and even though it was pouring rain we had a blast! Anyone who is close to us knows how much we're into bikes and Adam use to race himself so we were in heaven, lol. For those of you who don't know what Moto GP is, it's the motorcycle championship of the world. Riders from all over competing in 18 races in 14 countries, basically the best of the best. Even though we were routing for Nicky Hayden he ended up getting past by Valentino Rossi and placed 2nd. That was okay by us though we're fans of Rossi too, he's such a talented rider you can't help but like the guy. It was amazing to see these guys ride in person, you get a chance to see how fast they really are.

In between races we got under a bridge to take cover from the rain, several others were doing the same, lol.
Here are a few show bikes...

The "Spiderman" Bike

Mommy's dream bike! ;0) I saw this bike and about died, I've NEVER seen a sidecar on a sport bike before. It was so neat and the "car" would fit 3 lil' boys perfectly!

Rossi's Bike

Start of the race

Rossi in the lead followed by Nicky

We had so much fun. Maybe next year the boys will be old enough to go!


Tripletdad7 "Scott" said...

That would be fun to watch. Those show bikes were nice. Though, I like cruisers much more. Glad you all had fun even though it rained. I would hate to ride on a wet track. I guess they truely would be the best of the best.

Scott H.

Tina said...

I bet the boys will love that once they are older. Too scary for me.