Thursday, July 24, 2008

Feeling better...

We're finally starting to feel better. Even though it's only been a week tomorrow it's felt like a month! We started to feel a little better Tuesday so we decided to tough it out and go to the fair. Needless to say the boys got hot and cranky and me and Adam felt awful so we didn't stay long. And anyone who knows me knows it's bad when I go to the fair and don't even eat, lol. Nothings really new around here, just been taking it easy and trying to cut this nasty cold. It's amazing how a few days of slacking around the house can get a mom behind. Yesterday was the first day I felt good enough to start getting things back in order, and it's going to have to continue today unfortunatly. When you do anywhere from 2 to 3 loads a laundry a day it can get behind pretty fast. Plus I'm having a garage sale next weekend so I have that mess too! Oh well at least the boys are starting to feel better and I can actually eat more than toast now, lol. Here are a few random pictures from the past week.

Rub a dub 3 little duckies in a tub

Papaw Harden and Brody

Mamaw Harden with Seth

Papaw Harden with Logan and Seth

Brody displaying safety first


Momma-of-5 said...

Glad you're feeling better.
Love the bath picture.
I've only tried putting my gang in the tub together once...and that ended in a poop disaster. I think you may have inspired me to try again. Do you do it solo?

Proud Momma X 3 said...

Yeah it's usually just me and the 3 duckies during bath time. It's a work out definitly but it saves soooo much time, lol. OMG I can't imagine a poopy bath, yikes! LOL GL and hopefully next time will go better.

the schirano triplets said...

i am so glad to hear that everyone is on the mend! good luck with all the catching up, it is so difficult for me to catch up when i even get a day behind. the bath pic is adorable...we need to stop using the baby tub soon, but i just haven't had the energy to make the move yet. and the choo-choo pics are great too - we just got ours in the mail today!

Tina said...

I'm so glad everyone is feeling better! The pic of the three little duckies made me smile!

Cheryl Lage said...

Whew! Glad to learn all are doing better. Love the pictures with Mamaw and Papaw...doubt they could be any happier!

Found you via Little Bites of Heaven..will definitely be back!