Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's HOT!

Yesterday me and the boys picked up Kenna and had a day out. Since it was going to be so hot we started off at the mall. Eventually Shawna and Wyatt met up with us and we decided it was too pretty to be in-doors. So we loaded up and headed to the park. By that time I think the tempature said 93 and the boys, Wyatt and us girls were miserable. We didn't last very long at the park and left and came home. Once we got home Kenna helped me give the boys their baths and feed them dinner. (Thanks for the help Kenna!) It was nice to get out for a little bit, too bad it was so hot we couldn't even enjpy the park though.
Talk to everyone later, have a great weekend!

Shawna & Wyatt
Wyatt showing off his muscles
Brody trying to steal the camera (like always, lol)

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the schirano triplets said...

it was really hot here yesterday too, and so darn muggy. but, it threatened storms all day so we stayed inside. hoping to get out today maybe, though the weather doesn't look much better! the pictures are adorable and it looks like you had so much fun despite the heat!