Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rain rain go away!

All I can say is Yuk! This rain has made our yard a mess. We are "green" with envy to those who have grass, lol. Adam started planting grass seed last week but isn't even close to being done. We are getting ready to do the driveway and decided to do a half circle to add parking space and give people a place to turn around. Plus we got 3 swings for the boys that I can't wait to get put up. They love to swing and it will be much more convenient than loading them up and going to a park every time. It seems like as soon as the weather gets pretty and warm it changes overnight. We've been staying inside the last few days where it's warm and dry. There's no such thing as a fast errand when you have three 8 month olds. I'm hoping tomorrow is nicer so we can get out for a bit, everyone needs some fresh air now and then, right? Hehe ;o)

They play more with the empty caboose then the actually train! Go figure, lol.
Good Morning!
Seth snoozing with octey
Eat your greens!
Getting so big!


the schirano triplets said...

look at that cuteness, i love the pics!

what kind of swings did you get? and where are you putting them up at? i have been thinking about getting some for the babies but i don't want to invest in a whole swingset yet.

memaw said...