Sunday, May 4, 2008

5 Years!

Yesterday was me and Adam's 5 year anniversary. We wanted to do something special but I just couldn't spend the night somewhere and leave the boys, not yet ;o) . He came up with the idea to take me down to French Lick and West Baden Springs. I had forgotten all about that place and the last time I had been down there was almost 10 years ago with mom and dad on the bikes. Back then it wasn't remodeled and a mess, huge but in need of a lot of work. Memaw and Pap came over to watch the boys and we took off. We first went to French Lick Motel which I had never been to and ate at 1875 Steakhouse. I decided to be brave and try something new and got duck, it was so good and I loved it. Adam got he's usually steak. When it comes to ordering I like trying new things were Adam always gets the same thing, lol. After that we went into the casino and each played a slot machine once that said triple on it. We're not really into gambling but considering the name of it we thought we give it a shot. Of course we didn't win, walked around a little bit and headed over to West Baden. I was anxious to see it after everything had been redone and knowing Adam had never been inside I was really wanting him to see the place. It is gorgeous and if your around the area stop by, it's completely worth it. Words cannot describe the size and luxury of it all. Overall we had a really good time but was ready to get back to the boys. Earlier that day Adam finally got my Jacuzzi tub in our bathroom hooked up so when we got back "mommy" took advantage of it since the boys were already in bed, and I know it was a rare time I would even get the chance to use it, lol. That tub is awesome, so relaxing. Today we have the March for Babies walk and it looks like it's going to overall be a pretty day. Til next time, take care!