Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home, almost

-Cousin Zach with the boys-
-Cameron, Lexie and the boys-

What is with this weather!?! It was so pretty last week and now this? I mean come on that was such a tease. I walked outside last night and couldn't believe how much the tempature had dropped. Oh well that's Indiana weather for ya. Me and Adam was talking the other day about the house and how there was still so much to do. I stand back and look at all that still needs done at times and want to scream. Oh well considering all that's happened in the past year, (pregnant, bed rest, hospitals, NICU, build house, move) I guess were doing ok. Besides others who have built asure me it's a never ending process, always something needing finished or fixed. I think that's just part of lovely homeownership period.

Last week me and the boys met fellow Bloomington trips. (Hi Jody and the boys!) Which I was excited about, this whole time I thought we were the only ones only to find out that theres not 1 but 2 other sets. And the best part is their all boys and only 2 weeks younger than Brody, Logan and Seth! How cool is that? We haven't met the other trips yet but I'm really looking foward to it. Then this past weekend JB, Lexie and Cameron stopped by to visit. I couldn't believe how big they had got. Watching Cameron (4 yrs) it sunk in what it's going to be like around here in a few years. I don't want to rush them growing up but it's going to be a blast I know it.

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